Mobile Screw Air Compressor

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Mobile Screw Air Compressor

Superior Features Of Mobile Screw Air Compressor

Mobile Diesel Screw Air Compressors we manufacture have been offered to the use of industrial sectors dealing with a wide range of operations which are not fixed such as construction, mining and drilling.

Designed at any flow rate and pressure you desire Mobile Diesel Screw Air Compressors take their places at both local and foreign markets which are safe for labor, high level operating capacity, highly efficient, with abundant replacement parts and a widespread service network.

With its case allowing access to every point of it, providing easy maintenance, Yigitsan Mobile Diesel Screw Air Compressors with free air output ranging from 2m3/min. to 26m3/min can if desired, meet pressure air requirements at different pressure and air rate. 

Special Features:

> Direct motor-compressor connection thanks to co-axial enupex coupling
> Fuel-tank with wide filler made of steel to get high resistance against corrosion (1 unit)
> Pneumatic control system manufactured by YTSAN which adjusts motor speed depending on the air amount required , ensuring savings on fuel and improving output.
> Pressure lubrication line which ensures efficient lubrication
> Separator tank
> High performance air-oil separator, ensuring optimum separation of air from oil. (1 unit)
> Oil filter with compressor by-pass.
> Air filter providing more efficient filtering of the air sucked by the screw group for big single-stage compressor part (1 unit)
> Single-stage air filter for the motor part (1 unit)
> Big fan, ensuring efficient operation of the unit  even at excessive ambient temperature (1 unit)
> Integrated radiator for cooling compressor oil.
> Durable case designed in model style, painted with advanced technology painting techniques to ensure durability (powder point)
> Upper case making periodical maintenance possible and ensuring easy Access to the iner parts of the machine.
> No deformable and durable fenders.
> SMART IGNITION SYSTEM with efficient application of automatic start-stop  function.
Adjustable drawbar for easy connection to any vehicle.
> Parking system on the drawbar appropriate for motorways and spring-transmission braking system during driving.
> Adjustable front support ensuring operation during parking.
> Lifting lugs for ease of handling during transportation.
> Manual Load-Empty system for easy operation of the compressor.


In the following cases, the compressor will automatically switch to protection mode:

> High compressor temperature
> High motor temperature
> Charging Generator Failure
> Oil Pressure Drop
> Electric ignition (24V or 12V system)
> Loading and discharge hook
> Drawbar