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Piston Air Compressor

Excellent Performance With Yigitsan Piston Air Compressor

Yigitsan has been producing Piston Air Compressors since 1978 and specialized in this field, and now designs one stage, two stage and high pressure air compressors in a structure that will ensure your work safety and with a working capacity at high efficiency.

Abundant spare parts, extensive service network and 2 years of factory warranty exactly meet your expectations for Piston Air Compressor.

Our product range for Piston Air Compressor covers a piston displacement of 120 lt/min to 14.400 lt/min.

Superior Characters of Piston Air Compressors:

> Full automatic
> Designed to operate for long hours
> Simple and balanced constructions
> Effective cooling with abundant air supplied by wide cooler blades on pulley and cylinders with wide blades
> Ball- and pin-bearings that minimize mechanic friction
> Simple and effective lubrication
> Balanced on rotational parts
> Valve system that  minimizes the  dead volume
> Domestic production, abundant spare parts
> Extensive technical  service network
> 2 years of warranty